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DIADE USA Inc. - Eagle Lake Drive - Lawrenceburg, KY (U.S.A.) - Phone () - Fax () This site uses cookies, to learn more click here. By clicking OK you accept the use of . Definition of diade in the dictionary. Meaning of diade. What does diade mean? Information and translations of diade in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on . Diadem definition is - crown; specifically: a royal headband. How to use diadem in a sentence. diade definition in French dictionary, diade meaning, synonyms, see also 'diadème',diacide',diacode',diamide'. Enrich your vocabulary with the French Definition dictionary. di·a·dem (dī′ə-dĕm′, -dəm) n. 1. A crown worn as a sign of royalty. 2. Royal power or dignity. tr.v. di·a·demed, di·a·dem·ing, di·a·dems To adorn with or as if with a diadem. [Middle English diademe, from Old French, from Latin diadēma, from Greek, band, from diadein, to bind around: dia-, dia- . A diadem is a type of crown, specifically an ornamental headband worn by monarchs and others as a badge of royalty. The word derives from the Greek διάδημα diádēma, "band" or "fillet", from διαδέω diadéō, "I bind round", or "I fasten".. The term originally referred to the embroidered white silk ribbon, ending in a knot and two fringed strips often draped over the shoulders. DIAdem is application software that helps engineers accelerate post-processing of measurement data. It is optimized for large data sets and includes tools to quickly aggregate and search for the data you need, view and investigate that data, transform it with engineering-specific analysis functions and share results with a powerful drag-and-drop report editor. The Art of the Table A table that stands out for its elegance and modernity. Diade Monica Armani Discover. Farel Diego Sferrazza Discover. Trypta Stephen Burks Discover. Design lamps Made in Italy, based on a refined process of research and innovation in the world of light. The lighting fixtures of Luceplan are a perfect synthesis of . Découvrez le profil de Aminata N'diade sur LinkedIn, la plus grande communauté professionnelle au monde. Aminata indique 3 postes sur son profil. Consultez le profil complet sur LinkedIn et découvrez les relations de Aminata, ainsi que des emplois dans des entreprises Compliance Manager chez MBDA . Italian: ·couple, dyad Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.